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Nightswimming lyrics


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        Night swimming
    Deserves a quiet night
    The photograph on the dashboard
    Taken years ago
    Turned around backwards so the windshield shows
    Every street light reveales a picture in reverse
    Still its so much clearer
    I forgot my shirt at the waters edge
    The moon is low tonight

    Night swimming
    Deserves a quiet night
    I'm not sure all these people understand
    It's not like years ago
    The fear of getting caught
    The recklessness in water
    They cannot see me naked
    These things they go away
    Replaced by every day
    Remembering that night
    September's coming soon
    I'm pining for the moon
    And what if there were two
    Side by side in orbit
    Around the fairest sun
    The bright tide that ever drawn
    Could not describe

    You I thought I knew you
    You I can not judge
    You I thought you knew me
    This one laughing quietly
    Underneath my breath
    The photograph reflects
    Every street light a reminder
    Deserves a quiet night
    Deserves a quiet night
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